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Learn The Quick Route To Success With Bob Huttinga


Is there a short cut to success? The answer will be a no. There is no substitute for hard work. Meet Bob Huttinga PA our guest today who will explain how to go ahead and be successful at the shortest possible time. Bob will be your travel guide to push wasteful memories out of your life and help you move ahead of your past. He will demarcate your goals and help you see the future clearly. The result is enjoying every moment of your life. Bob is a certified physician assistant for over 40 years. The book Think and Grow Rich penned by Napolean Hill changed his life at the age of 25.

Participants Interview From Prepper Camp At The Survival Medicine Hour


If you have never attended preparedness event, it is the time you experience it now. A replay of the previous podcast is played but this time, we have interviewed participants at the North Carolina Prepper Camp. The episode will have a cover on the Survival Medicine Hour, and you will hear from Practical Preppers’ Scott Hunt, Survival Group Handbook Charley Hogwood, Americans Networking of Survive Tim French, North Start Tactical Josh Gore and NC Oathkeepers Rick Johnson. The event was a grand success due to the efforts of Survivor Rick Austin and Jane. There will also be a short discussion on electrolytes and how it help maintain the body functions. A discussion on the decrease in dehydration and other diarrheal diseases will happen.

Wahls Protocol And Diet Explained


The trauma of knowing you have a life threatening disease that can leave you in bed for life without much help is extreme. Dr Terry Wahls studied her condition and learned it was a progressive neurological disorder with progressive multiple sclerosis leaving her at the mercy of the wheels for four years. The power of Wahls Protocol overlays on Functional Medicine and diet. Dr Wahls is back to work riding her bike five miles every day. The astonishing fact is that she was able to complete 18-mile tour on bicycle. The results were amazing, stunning people at home and work. Join her to know more about Wahls Protocol and diet.

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