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Dr. Daniels Opens Up On Vaccine Case Study


Do not miss the Healing with Dr. Daniels Show. The current show will discuss on Cholera, Measles and Chicken Pox. It is based on the case study on the vaccine called I Kid You Not. The show will discuss on the double dose given for Cholera. The latest research goes to prove that one dose is superior to the other in epidemics. So while taking two doses, one is always better than the second. Find Dr Daniels taking on the infectious route to Cholera and how he compares with ibola among other infectious diseases prevented through vaccines. Your questions will be answered on the show.

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Explore Your Inner Self With Dr. Darren


Your path to self-discovery is here. Go ahead and explore your inner self. Get answers to questions on life. Find out what you were not able to recognize before through our emotional healing session. True were the words of Aristotle when he said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” When you start learning about yourself every path opens, giving clarity on life. Self-discovery can take you on the right path of life. It can help take the right decisions. Life gives opportunities to discover wisdom, know more about our personality and the power of love. Dr Darren helps you discover your inner self. Tune in to know more.

Healing With Reiki

Stardust flowing from an open hand. Digital illustration.

Reiki is turning out to be an integral part of modern medicine. It is used widely in hospitals, especially at Operating Theatres. Learn the importance of Reiki from our guest. A medical doctor and Reiki practitioner, our guest, work at the hospital and does anesthesia. While administering anesthesia, he also makes available Energy Healing to his patients. It is offered while the procedure is in progress. Our guest has quite a fan following. Many patients prefer Reiki with modern medical procedures. Patients are happy because they are left with no pain. There are cases when patients are left with no pain every after surgery.

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