Month: April 2016

King Diamond On Beautiful Butterfly

beautiful butterfly

Multi-talented Author King Diamond is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. He is not just an author but a certified HVAC professional and a poet to name a few of his multifaceted personality. He is the second last of the 11 children in the family. His life is a symbol of the phrase “every thorn has its thorns”. He was attracted by the street life and soon found his way into the prison at the age of 18 and was stuck inside the jail till he was 38. In an effort to become rich he took up to gambling and would finally end up in the prison. The year 2009 brought about a change in his life. He became an HVAC technician in the year 2012 after attending TWS Jacksonville to gain a diploma in Electromechanical Technology. Listen to his show on Beautiful Butterfly.

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Dr. Daniels Opens Up On Vaccine Case Study


Do not miss the Healing with Dr. Daniels Show. The current show will discuss on Cholera, Measles and Chicken Pox. It is based on the case study on the vaccine called I Kid You Not. The show will discuss on the double dose given for Cholera. The latest research goes to prove that one dose is superior to the other in epidemics. So while taking two doses, one is always better than the second. Find Dr Daniels taking on the infectious route to Cholera and how he compares with ibola among other infectious diseases prevented through vaccines. Your questions will be answered on the show.

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