Month: August 2015

Dr Brogan On Her Uncensored Book On Using Antidepressants


Listen to what Dr Kelly Brogan has to say about the intake of antidepressants and its after effects. She reveals that it can lead to low immunity and reduces self-healing capabilities in the body. She adds that finding the source to the problem is the best way of healing. She breaks the myth of conventional medicine that has been used for years for treating depression. In her latest book A Mind Of Your Own, she talks about the potential dangers of using drugs for anxiety and depression. This is an uncensored book and was blacklisted by the media. Listen to Dr. Brogan on what caused the blacklist of the book.

Listen To Holland Meissner On Her Book Dying To Be Angry


The author of Dying to be Angry, Holland Meissner will be here to discuss her book. Holland Meissner is a philocalist, a mother and has a message in her book for everyone, Dying to be Angry. The book is the outcome of real life events symbolizing the heart breaks and pains that are common in the communities. The book is relatable for all the humans. She says that angry is a crucial emotion. But many fail to share this emotion with the society. Holland makes an effort to outline the real journey of victory and display the results of anger.

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