Month: October 2015

Thom Erb On The Star Chamber Show


Do not miss the Star Chamber Show. This week horror writer Thom Erb will grace the show hosted by Stephen Zimmer and Michael West. The hosts and the author will share their love for not just horror but heavy metal too. The show is expected to turn wild, so horror buff never miss it for the world. The show will be aired at 9 pm on Wednesday night. Listeners can call in to interact with the guest. Be sure to be part of the show. Get into the live chatroom for more on the heavy metal and horror. Put on your seat belts and get ready for the show.

Ernestine Shepherd Talks On Staying Young And Fit

An image of a nice clock with if not now, when?

Ernestine Shepherd has the reputation of being the oldest female bodybuilder in the competitive category. She found her place in the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2010 and 201. Despite her age, she is far more in great shape than her juniors at work. She wakes up at 3 am every morning and spends her time weight lifting, running and exercising. She is supported by her certified personal trainer. According to her being out of shape as we age is merely an option. She shows how people should stay in shape as they age. She is a role model for many of her age and even younger.

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