Month: March 2016

Interview With Popular Metalsmith Pam Caidin


Metalsmith and Jewelry artist Pam Caidin will be the special guest this week on Metalsmith Benchtalk. The live interview will be interactive, just log on to our chatroom through your messages at Whaley Studio on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The artist says that it is an evolving business, and the only constant is the desire to make the art simplified and primordial forms like planets, pebbles, diatoms, and leaves. The second constant is the pattern. The patterns are found in natural and man-made forces. The natural forces include capillaries, ice crystals, trees and other growth patterns. The drawings created can be merged with metals.

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Explore Your Inner Self With Dr. Darren


Your path to self-discovery is here. Go ahead and explore your inner self. Get answers to questions on life. Find out what you were not able to recognize before through our emotional healing session. True were the words of Aristotle when he said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” When you start learning about yourself every path opens, giving clarity on life. Self-discovery can take you on the right path of life. It can help take the right decisions. Life gives opportunities to discover wisdom, know more about our personality and the power of love. Dr Darren helps you discover your inner self. Tune in to know more.

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