Month: January 2016

All New Show From Talisha


Talisha welcomes to her first every live show on radio. She welcomes all to her new show and opens up to critics on her poetry reading. Get to know her better on her maiden show. Here you will find her reading poems and answer all your queries on her readings. She is a talented writer and writes all types of poetry. She is also ready to take all the criticism and does not complain about it. This will be a new learning experience to Talisha. She is sure to make the experience fruitful for the readers. Just listen to the show and enjoy to your heart’s fullest.

Learn The Quick Route To Success With Bob Huttinga


Is there a short cut to success? The answer will be a no. There is no substitute for hard work. Meet Bob Huttinga PA our guest today who will explain how to go ahead and be successful at the shortest possible time. Bob will be your travel guide to push wasteful memories out of your life and help you move ahead of your past. He will demarcate your goals and help you see the future clearly. The result is enjoying every moment of your life. Bob is a certified physician assistant for over 40 years. The book Think and Grow Rich penned by Napolean Hill changed his life at the age of 25.

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