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    Frequently Asked Questions Q: When will I get my braces off ? A: Treatment timeLearn More

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Frequently Asked Questions For The Orthodontist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get my braces off ?

A: Treatment time is estimated prior to the start of your orthodontic care. Outside influences often affect your time schedule. Growth and cooperation throughout treatment also determine the length of time your braces are on.orthodontist

Q: Can I chew gum? My friend Billy does and he has braces!

A: If your friend is a patient in our office, he/she should not be chewing gum, or any other hard, sticky, chewy or gooey food. Nor should you. These foods can not only damage your brackets, but also can put small bends in your wires that can cause your teeth to move in the WRONG direction, thereby increasing your treatment length. Please, think before you eat. Say to yourself – SELF – is this food sticky, chewy or gooey? If yes – STAY AWAY !!! More on this website for San Antonio Orthodontics

Q: What happens if a bracket comes off or a wire breaks?

A: If you are uncomfortable, please call ASAP so that we can get you in for a MAKE COMFORTABLE (MC) visit. We may also schedule a REPAIR appointment in order to do the actual repair if it cannot be done at the MC appointment.

If you are NOT uncomfortable, please call ASAP so that we can schedule a repair visit or allow for more time at your next visit to repair the problem.

Q: I have a loose bracket. What should I do?

A: If you are uncomfortable, please call us immediately (use wax in the meantime) so we can make you comfortable. If the bracket comes off, bring it with you at your next appointment. If it is ON the wire, leave it on. REMEMBER, call the office to let us know about the loose bracket.

Q: A band is loose. What should I do?

A: Call the office for a repair appointment to re-band the tooth. Try to bring the band with you. You may need a spacer appointment if you lost the band a while ago.

Q: My appliance that is cemented in my mouth is “loose”. Help!!

A: Call the office for a repair appointment to re-cement the appliance. Don’t forget to bring the appliance if it has come completely out off your mouth.

Q: I had my braces (or appliance) removed recently and I lost my retainer last night. What should I do?

A: Please call the office immediately so that we can get you in for an impression for a new retainer (there will be a fee for replacement). It is very important to retain the new position of your teeth following orthodontic treatment. If you wait too long before you call, unwanted shifting may occur.orthodontics
Q: I called the office to leave a message but your machine does not take messages. Why not?

A: Our phone system is programmed to give the office hours only when the office is closed. If our office is closed, and you have an orthodontic emergency, our phone system will directly connect you to either the doctor’s emergency number or an on-call staff member.


If the office is closed, our phone system will directly connect you to either the doctor’s emergency number or an on-call staff member.


Q: My child’s school insists that students cannot leave during the day. Can I get all his appointments after school and before soccer practice?

A: The majority of our orthodontic patients are adolescents and are in school during the day from September through June. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that all your child’s orthodontic appointments will be between 3:00 and 5:00pm (We’d be very busy!). However, because of the normal 8-10 week interval between appointments AND our evening and every other Saturday schedule, your child should not have to miss too much time during the school day throughout his treatment period.

Q: Do I have to wear elastics (“rubber bands”)?

A: Not all orthodontic patients “have” to wear elastics. However, elastics may be necessary to help us align the dental arches or help “close” the bite. Each patient is evaluated separately for their need to wear elastics.

Q: I missed an appointment, what is the policy for rescheduling?

A: Call the office as soon as possible to reschedule.

Please note – The rescheduled time may not be as convenient as the missed appointment time, as we book appointments every 7 – 9 weeks.

Remember – When you don’t show as scheduled, 2 people are hurt: YOU, because you don’t get the treatment you need as prescribed by the doctor; and another patient, who could have been scheduled for treatment if you had given proper notice.

Q: The doctor said I have a Class II malocclusion. What is that?

A: See the following link for a glossary of terms http://www.braces.org/knowmore/glossary/

If you have any suggestions for the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website, please mention them to us at your next visit.

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Looking For A New Home With A Pool

Or if your dream home doesn’t have a pool find a good and reliable contractor to build one!

If there is one thing that every American loves to do, it is cooling off in style and comfort in pools! It will not only keep you fit, but also allow you to enjoy a great lifestyle. A swimming pool, be it outdoor or in-ground is an investment and if built with exceptionally high standards of safety, it can become an asset for years to come. A lot of people prefer in-ground swimming pools when living in a hot climate.backyard pool

Benefits of In-Ground Swimming Pool

An outdoor swimming pool is an ideal addition to house and offers an amazing place for social hub for both visitors and family, but an in-ground pool is also a great choice.It has been medically proved that half-an hour of exercise every day can keep anyone healthy and there can be no better way to do the same than to dive into your private swimming pool, and have a nice time.

Swimming doesn’t cause any pressure on your body joints, and hence it is considered an ideal form of exercise for those are on the road to recovery. Building a pool in an open yard is a costly affair and requires a deep thought. Hence, selecting the right style of outdoor pool that suits your lifestyle will make your purchase worthwhile.

Here are 4 helpful tips to select a new outdoor swimming pool.

Type Size and Style

The type of pool that would suit your lifestyle, home design, and current available space should be your first concern. You can choose from either above-ground or in-ground, fiberglass or vinyl pools. Your contractor may help you better in carefully evaluating your house topography.

You can select basic free form or geometric shapes, depending upon the space that eventually influences its size. The style can be chosen as per your personal taste, like infinity pool for unique appearance, tile-lined pool for modern feel, or may be wood pool for the rustic look. You may also consider adding vanishing edges or pool decks, and including wading pools and swim-up bars to further enhance the look with decorative features, like lighting, fountains, waterfall, and sculptures.

Finding a Reliable Building Contractor

You’ll have to find a reliable building contractor to construct your outdoor pool; certainly it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you pay some attention, you can find a reliable and reputed contractor. Discuss with your local council for any regulations and bylaws to be followed, before starting the project. Be cautious if the contractor doesn’t come to a written agreement, or hesitates to provide warranty for the work done.

Landscaping Themes

Take your pool to a new level with beautiful landscaping themes; you can as well add safety features, like fencing around the pool, especially if you’ve kids. The right fencing offers you privacy, while contrast colored flower arrangement will make your pool look gorgeously beautiful. The green foliage and flowers can help soften the harsh lines of pool tools.

Safety Concerns and Maintenance

With the right pool in your open yard, there will always be some problems or risks associated; make sure that safety tools are made easily accessible at all times and warning signs or alarms can also be installed at the right places, though it is in your house. You should also ensure that an outdoor swimming pool is kept clean and chemical balance of the water is consistent. Though maintenance is a boring task, it shouldn’t be avoided from the health point of view.home with a pool - realtors

Keeping these tips in mind, you can invest in an in-ground swimming pool for your beautiful home, and pick the one that precisely meets your needs.

About the Author – Jeff Stewart is an independent advisor on installation of in ground swimming pools. He recommends home owners to try out the latest equipment to add functionality to their house, and enjoy the benefits of the modern home security systems too. Call Your Local Realtor for listing with Pools

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