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Looking For A New Home With A Pool

Or if your dream home doesn’t have a pool find a good and reliable contractor to build one!

If there is one thing that every American loves to do, it is cooling off in style and comfort in pools! It will not only keep you fit, but also allow you to enjoy a great lifestyle. A swimming pool, be it outdoor or in-ground is an investment and if built with exceptionally high standards of safety, it can become an asset for years to come. A lot of people prefer in-ground swimming pools when living in a hot climate.backyard pool

Benefits of In-Ground Swimming Pool

An outdoor swimming pool is an ideal addition to house and offers an amazing place for social hub for both visitors and family, but an in-ground pool is also a great choice.It has been medically proved that half-an hour of exercise every day can keep anyone healthy and there can be no better way to do the same than to dive into your private swimming pool, and have a nice time.

Swimming doesn’t cause any pressure on your body joints, and hence it is considered an ideal form of exercise for those are on the road to recovery. Building a pool in an open yard is a costly affair and requires a deep thought. Hence, selecting the right style of outdoor pool that suits your lifestyle will make your purchase worthwhile.

Here are 4 helpful tips to select a new outdoor swimming pool.

Type Size and Style

The type of pool that would suit your lifestyle, home design, and current available space should be your first concern. You can choose from either above-ground or in-ground, fiberglass or vinyl pools. Your contractor may help you better in carefully evaluating your house topography.

You can select basic free form or geometric shapes, depending upon the space that eventually influences its size. The style can be chosen as per your personal taste, like infinity pool for unique appearance, tile-lined pool for modern feel, or may be wood pool for the rustic look. You may also consider adding vanishing edges or pool decks, and including wading pools and swim-up bars to further enhance the look with decorative features, like lighting, fountains, waterfall, and sculptures.

Finding a Reliable Building Contractor

You’ll have to find a reliable building contractor to construct your outdoor pool; certainly it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you pay some attention, you can find a reliable and reputed contractor. Discuss with your local council for any regulations and bylaws to be followed, before starting the project. Be cautious if the contractor doesn’t come to a written agreement, or hesitates to provide warranty for the work done.

Landscaping Themes

Take your pool to a new level with beautiful landscaping themes; you can as well add safety features, like fencing around the pool, especially if you’ve kids. The right fencing offers you privacy, while contrast colored flower arrangement will make your pool look gorgeously beautiful. The green foliage and flowers can help soften the harsh lines of pool tools.

Safety Concerns and Maintenance

With the right pool in your open yard, there will always be some problems or risks associated; make sure that safety tools are made easily accessible at all times and warning signs or alarms can also be installed at the right places, though it is in your house. You should also ensure that an outdoor swimming pool is kept clean and chemical balance of the water is consistent. Though maintenance is a boring task, it shouldn’t be avoided from the health point of view.home with a pool - realtors

Keeping these tips in mind, you can invest in an in-ground swimming pool for your beautiful home, and pick the one that precisely meets your needs.

About the Author – Jeff Stewart is an independent advisor on installation of in ground swimming pools. He recommends home owners to try out the latest equipment to add functionality to their house, and enjoy the benefits of the modern home security systems too. Call Your Local Realtor for listing with Pools

Septic Systems, Septic Tanks and Drain Fields

The primary problems with septic systems is no one has ever found a way to make them last indefinitely. From the moment the tank is built, a septic system is literally a crap shoot, and there are few things more inconvenient than having your bathroom out of order! But if it’s built correctly, drained properly and used with a certain amount of gentle attention, your septic system should last for decades with only minimal services
A septic system consists of a large tank that is buried in the ground some distance away from the house, a drain field for gray water, and pipes that lead solid waste to the tank. The tank acts as a holding and storage facility for solid waste, and the drain field sends liquid waste percolating through the soil, which cleans it naturally by the microbes in the soil (which are similar to the microbes used in Drainbo) and eventually returns the water in a pristine state back to the water table. When the septic tank is full of solid waste, the homeowner calls a company that brings a large truck to the house and pumps out the tank. Because the majority of household waste tends to be in the form of water (shower, laundry and dish water as well as the water used to flush toilets), the tank fills up slowly, and only needs emptying every year or two, depending on the size and usage of the household.

Most homeowners have their tank pumped in the spring or fall once a year or every two years, when it has filled up with sludge. The septic system is the digestive tract of your home: water leaches out through special perforated pipes into the drain or leach field, which prevents the tank from filling up too quickly. The right balance of bacteria in the septic tank means that solids are broken down even further and turned into liquids, with the solids remaining significantly diminished in size. If you use a bacterial cleaner like Drainbo on a regular basis, the billions of bacteria added to the tank will keep diminishing the solids in the tank. You can keep your septic tank running along so smoothly you may not need to have it pumped for years—even a decade or more!

The septic leach field, or drain field, also needs attention for your septic system to remain virtually maintenance free for long periods of time. The perforated pipes (leach lines) that send water into the leach field can become clogged with material over time, which prevents water from moving out of the septic tank and into the drain field. When this happens, the tank fills up very quickly because the water has nowhere to go and must sit in the tank. If you put a bacterial drain cleaner into your septic system once a week, the bacteria continue to live in the water that enters the tank, and as the water moves out through the leach lines, the bacteria take up residence along the length of the pipe and in the holes. With the bacteria digesting the solid waste that would otherwise plug the holes, your leach lines remain free and clear, allowing water to move out into the drain field where it percolates through the soil and returns to the water table as pure water. For More Information about our Plumbing Service click here

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