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King Diamond On Beautiful Butterfly

beautiful butterfly

Multi-talented Author King Diamond is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. He is not just an author but a certified HVAC professional and a poet to name a few of his multifaceted personality. He is the second last of the 11 children in the family. His life is a symbol of the phrase “every thorn has its thorns”. He was attracted by the street life and soon found his way into the prison at the age of 18 and was stuck inside the jail till he was 38. In an effort to become rich he took up to gambling and would finally end up in the prison. The year 2009 brought about a change in his life. He became an HVAC technician in the year 2012 after attending TWS Jacksonville to gain a diploma in Electromechanical Technology. Listen to his show on Beautiful Butterfly.

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Interview With Popular Metalsmith Pam Caidin


Metalsmith and Jewelry artist Pam Caidin will be the special guest this week on Metalsmith Benchtalk. The live interview will be interactive, just log on to our chatroom through your messages at Whaley Studio on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The artist says that it is an evolving business, and the only constant is the desire to make the art simplified and primordial forms like planets, pebbles, diatoms, and leaves. The second constant is the pattern. The patterns are found in natural and man-made forces. The natural forces include capillaries, ice crystals, trees and other growth patterns. The drawings created can be merged with metals.

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Suspension on The Calling Hours Horror Podcast


Meet the cast and crew of After Dark Horrorfest. The Calling Hours Horror Podcast covering Suspension directed by Jeffery Scott Lando. The episode will cover the After Dark Horrorfest 9 Film. To discuss the film, we have invited to the studio director Jeffery Scott Lando, writer Kevin Mosley. Also in the studio, we will have Puppet Killer, actor and producer Sage Brocklebank. Check out the Scream Factory’s important release, The Sentinel and the release of Lazarus Apocalypse. Our listener will have the privilege of listening to the Metal Blade Records Artist Rivers of Nihil apart from songs from Monarchy at our special Metal Massacre Spotlight.

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