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All New Show From Talisha


Talisha welcomes to her first every live show on radio. She welcomes all to her new show and opens up to critics on her poetry reading. Get to know her better on her maiden show. Here you will find her reading poems and answer all your queries on her readings. She is a talented writer and writes all types of poetry. She is also ready to take all the criticism and does not complain about it. This will be a new learning experience to Talisha. She is sure to make the experience fruitful for the readers. Just listen to the show and enjoy to your heart’s fullest.

The Donna Wright Show On The Latest Releases


Donna Wright will be on the couch talking about the latest releases of popular writers Doris McCraw and Susanne Bellamy. The hostess will also update the listeners of the upcoming event Romancing the Smokies to be held on March 19, 2016. The show will also have Mallory Kane sharing all the latest happening from the Romance industry on her Romance News. You can find more on the show happening this week at the Hummingbird Place – The place for all Romance exclusively sponsored from the Dark Hollows Press. Do not miss the show. Get on your podcast and enjoy the show.

DP Lyle On Crime And Science Radio


On Crime and Science Radio find Hank Phillippi Ryan interrogating D P Lyle. The Macavity and Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winner DP Lyle, MD and recipient of many prestigious recognitions like the USA Best Book Award nomination for non-fiction books and also author of many fictions works like the Dub Walker, Royal Pains and Samantha Cody. He has also written an essay on The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne; the essay made it way to the Thrillers:100 must reads. It also appears on his short story “Even Stevens” Thriller 3 – Love is murder. He has also be associated with other novelist and writers of television shows like CSI: Miami, Medium, Cold Case to name a few.

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