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Estate Sales – Estate Liquidators

Estate Sales – Estate Liquidators

Estate liquidation has been on the scene for quite a long time and there are lots of individuals who have managed to achieve quite a bit of success with it.

On the other hand, lots of people have been trying really hard to make estate liquidation (estate sales) work for them and haven’t found any success.

The primary difference between these two types of people is in the habits and qualities that they each have developed and let guide them. Successful estate liquidation professionals have more positive qualities that you can watch and in the next few paragraphs, we will talk about a few of them.

If you are a successful estate liquidator then it is obvious that you will have overcome a variety of hurdles and times when estate sales were slow. This just proves that even successful estate liquidators have to work through periods of feast-or-famine (downtime) now and then and there isn’t anything wrong with that. So what do they do differently when handling these profit famines?

They surround themselves with other people who have found success in their industries so that they will know how to face any situation that arises. They build their own support groups and systems and this is just one reason that it is easier for them to work through the hurdles that are put in their paths.

Estate liquidators who are successful have open minds and are always looking for new chances to grow their businesses.

They understand which opportunities are best for them and which ideas will do well when they are implemented. This is one quality that helps them get the most out of their online business and gives them the freedom to experiment with new ideas and try different opportunities—while they’re waiting.

They aren’t closed-minded, which makes it easier for them to play the estate sale game according to the rules they decide for themselves.

Failures will happen but they are simply stepping-stones to success for estate professionals. It’s important, then, that you keep your mind open as well so that you will be able to see all of the opportunities that are present for you and see all of the changes you have to succeed in the estate liquidation industry.

The estate liquidators at the top of this field have high levels of perseverance and patience. Not only do they never give up or get impatient; they never stop moving forward or finding ways to overcome obstacles. Being patient is the most important virtue to possess because if they are ever hasty, things won’t work out for them the way they want them to. What matters most is how well you can tap into your own patience and use it as well as you can to keep your approach as consistent as possible.

If your main goal is to become an estate liquidator who earns a five to a six-figure income, these are the qualities you need to have.

It will take some time before you see any real results but working to develop these particular qualities will set you apart and get you ahead of all of the other less important estate sellers. Even more importantly, as you keep moving ahead, you will see first hand how working on these qualities helps you build and sustain your estate liquidation business.

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Frequently Asked Questions For The Orthodontist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get my braces off ?

A: Treatment time is estimated prior to the start of your orthodontic care. Outside influences often affect your time schedule. Growth and cooperation throughout treatment also determine the length of time your braces are on.orthodontist

Q: Can I chew gum? My friend Billy does and he has braces!

A: If your friend is a patient in our office, he/she should not be chewing gum, or any other hard, sticky, chewy or gooey food. Nor should you. These foods can not only damage your brackets but also can put small bends in your wires that can cause your teeth to move in the WRONG direction, thereby increasing your treatment length. Please, think before you eat. Say to yourself – SELF – is this food sticky, chewy or gooey? If yes – STAY AWAY !!!
Q: What happens if a bracket comes off or a wire breaks?

A: If you are uncomfortable, please call ASAP so that we can get you in for a MAKE COMFORTABLE (MC) visit. We may also schedule a REPAIR appointment in order to do the actual repair if it cannot be done at the MC appointment.

If you are NOT uncomfortable, please call ASAP so that we can schedule a repair visit or allow for more time at your next visit to repair the problem.

Q: I have a loose bracket. What should I do?

A: If you are uncomfortable, please call us immediately (use wax in the meantime) so we can make you comfortable. If the bracket comes off, bring it with you at your next appointment. If it is ON the wire, leave it on. REMEMBER, call the office to let us know about the loose bracket.

Q: A band is loose. What should I do?

A: Call the office for a repair appointment to re-band the tooth. Try to bring the band with you. You may need a spacer appointment if you lost the band a while ago.

Q: My appliance that is cemented in my mouth is “loose”. Help!!

A: Call the office for a repair appointment to re-cement the appliance. Don’t forget to bring the appliance if it has come completely out off your mouth.

Q: I had my braces (or appliance) removed recently and I lost my retainer last night. What should I do?

A: Please call the office immediately so that we can get you in for an impression for a new retainer (there will be a fee for replacement). It is very important to retain the new position of your teeth following orthodontic treatment. If you wait too long before you call, unwanted shifting may occur.orthodontics
Q: I called the office to leave a message but your machine does not take messages. Why not?

A: Our phone system is programmed to give office hours only when the office is closed. If our office is closed, and you have an orthodontic emergency, our phone system will directly connect you to either the doctor’s emergency number or an on-call staff member.


If the office is closed, our phone system will directly connect you to either the doctor’s emergency number or an on-call staff member.


Q: My child’s school insists that students cannot leave during the day. Can I get all his appointments after school and before soccer practice?

A: The majority of our orthodontic patients are adolescents and are in school during the day from September through June. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that all your child’s orthodontic appointments will be between 3:00 and 5:00 pm (We’d be very busy!). However, because of the normal 8-10 week interval between appointments AND our evening and every other Saturday schedule, your child should not have to miss too much time during the school day throughout his treatment period.

Q: Do I have to wear elastics (“rubber bands”)?

A: Not all orthodontic patients “have” to wear elastics. However, elastics may be necessary to help us align the dental arches or help “close” the bite. Each patient is evaluated separately for their need to wear elastics.

Q: I missed an appointment, what is the policy for rescheduling?

A: Call the office as soon as possible to reschedule.

Please note – The rescheduled time may not be as convenient as the missed appointment time, as we book appointments every 7 – 9 weeks.

Remember – When you don’t show as scheduled, 2 people are hurt: YOU, because you don’t get the treatment you need as prescribed by the doctor; and another patient, who could have been scheduled for treatment if you had given proper notice.

Q: The doctor said I have a Class II malocclusion. What is that?

A: See the following link for a glossary of terms

If you have any suggestions for the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website, please mention them to us at your next visit.

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