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Maid Service Rates – The Cost of Hiring a Maid to Clean Your Home

Maid Service Rates – The Cost of Hiring a Maid to Clean Your Home

If there is one thing that most of us would love to have, it is maid service. And why not? Maid service can actually be a cost effective option, especially when you consider the amount of time and energy that you put into cleaning your home every week. If you are considering hiring a maid service, it is important to know about maid service rates. Maid service costs are influenced by several factors, so who you call, and what maid service rate you pay, is going to be influenced. The more you know, the better position you will be in when researching maid services in your area.maid services

Can You Afford Maid Service Rates?
Some people may not even have to ask themselves this question. They may know right off the bat whether or not they can afford maid service rates. But there are a lot of people who fall somewhere in the middle, who don’t actually know if it is something they can afford. These people, as well as those who feel they can’t afford it, should at least take a few minutes to give it a fair evaluation. They may be surprised to find out that they indeed can afford basic maid service costs.

Maid service costs are going to vary. There are a lot of factors that are going to influence what a particular company’s rates are. These factors include such things as geographic location, how often you want the cleaning service, if they specialize in something, and how big your home is. While the maid service rates vary, depending on these factors, there are some price ranges that you can typically expect.

We contacted several maid services in each of the following cities and asked them what the cost would be to clean a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2000 square foot home. We then averaged the rates and posted them below to compare maid service rates in various cities across the US:

Each additional room that will need to be cleaned will increase your made service cost by around $5 or more per week. Whether you opt for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maid service will also influence the price you pay. If you are going to opt for a weekly maid service, you are typically going to get a little better rate than if you opt for bi-weekly or monthly maid services. This is because if the maid service is done on a weekly basis, the home is kept cleaner, but bi-weekly or monthly maid services will likely mean that there is more work to be done during each cleaning.maid services

Also, it is important to note that these rates are for a basic one story home. Those homes that are two or more stories will have higher made service rates. For multi-story homes, you would typically add an additional $10 or so to each price, per week. For a multi-story home with three bedrooms and one bath, you can expect to pay maid service rates in the area of $80-150 per week, taking the above mentioned factors into account. You can expect to pay a little more for the initial cleaning.

Other Influencing Factors
When we think about maid services, we may conjure up a lot of images of what that includes. But most people will have slightly varying views of what would be included in a basic maid service cleaning. Here is what things are usually included in the regular maid service cost:

• Dusting of all rooms, including the furniture, window ledges, and each room is vacuumed.
• In the kitchen, the things that will be cleaned include the sink, appliances, counters, tables, chairs, and dishes will be washed.
• In each bathroom, the maid service will include cleaning the toilets, mirrors, sinks, shower, tub, and exterior of the cabinet.
• Throughout the house, all floors will be swept, mopped, and vacuumed.

Beyond such typical services that are included in basic maid service rates, there are additional services you can choose to pay for. You may not want them on a regular basis, but opting for them once every few months may be ideal. These options, in addition to others, are usually available for an additional charge and include such services as a deep spring cleaning, stain removal, holiday cleaning, after party cleaning, washing baseboards, etc.house cleaning

Choosing a Maid Service
While maid service rates are important, they are not the only issue that you should consider when choosing a maid service for your cleaning. It is also important to consider such things as the reputation of the maid service, if they are experienced, bonded, trustworthy, insured, and what type of cleaning services they specialize in. For example, some companies offer green or natural cleaning services. You need to know what the maid service offers and how they go about hiring the maids that will be coming into your home.

Start out by getting referrals from friends who have companies they have good experience with. Inquire, if they don’t mind disclosing, what maid service rates they paid and what service was included. Meet and interview several maid service companies before choosing one. Be sure to get in writing what all their maid service cost includes. Once you have narrowed down your options and researched the companies, it’s time to make a selection.

What’s it Worth
If you are skeptical about hiring a maid service, know that it is not a commitment you are making that will last forever. It is something you can try and then back away from if you decide it is not what you thought it would be or if you feel you can’t afford the maid service rates.

Most people who have a company clean their home find that it is well worth the maid service cost. You really have to stop and consider what your time is worth and then decide if it is worth the amount you are paying to the maid service. Chances are you, like millions of others, will find that it is worth every penny!

DIY Termite Control – Is it smart

DIY Termite Control – Is it smart

Do you think you’re a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type person? Do you take pleasure in watching the DIY programs on cable channels and think it is possible to deal with any project?

Have you ever before seen a DIY talk associated with termite control? No, and you also almost certainly never will. Why? Simply because you will discover just too many road blocks to finding an excellent and effective treatment method for the home owner.termite control - termite inspections

At this time, there’s 2 distinct approaches to termite control. The first is the traditional barrier treatment method. When using the barrier method, the purpose would be to safeguard the house by simply encircling your entire house and also cellar with a chemical barrier. This includes injecting an insecticide in to the earth at least 4 foot deep around the cellar and injecting it underneath the basement slab. A home built on a slab or crawlspace is taken care of much the same, with the exception of a lesser amount of insecticide must be used.

One reason property owners shouldn’t attempt barrier treatments independently is special tools are necessary to do a adequate treatment. Injection rods, concrete drills, a big container which has a pump are generally so costly it is cost prohibitive for the home owner. The other reason is property owners do not possess abilities and experience to perform an successful treatment. I certainly would not want any novice carrying out his or her very first termite treatment with my residence, but would specifically use a person who has specialized education and also experience.

Various people think if they utilize liquid or granular insecticides on the dirt area surrounding the outside of the home, it’ll guard their property against termites. This can be a bit useful when you are controlling a few pests, but this isn’t effective against termites.

The next method of termite control is the employment of baiting systems. The aim of the bait is always to kill the colony and also indirectly, guard the house. At this time, the baiting systems which have the very best possibility of eradicating the colony are those that have an insect growth regulator (IGR). The worker termites carry the bait back to the colony where it gets passed to additional termites. The growth regulator will not kill the queen or adult workers, but gets rid of immature termites by simply disrupting the molting process. When the adult worker termites die a natural death, there aren’t any young termites to take their position. Without workers, the colony gradually starves to death.

It looks like this technique might be easy enough for homeowners to work with, but not one of the IGR baits can be found for homeowners to buy. The source is quite securely controlled through the manufacturers who only work with pest management professionals. There are several other types of baits being employed by pest management professionals, but, at best, they merely suppress the colony and really should be only utilized jointly with a good barrier treatment.

There is one non-IGR bait that comes in hardware stores, known as Terminate ™. Nevertheless, this product’s label advises users to have their houses inspected by a pest management specialist.Terimte control - pest control Also, the label states the bait is not designed to be used instead of a liquid treatment when termites are found infesting houses. In contrast to twenty years ago, making a decision concerning termite treatment is more difficult today because all termite control organizations will not utilize the same treatment method. It is necessary for home owners to comprehend enough about termites as well as termite control to help make a smart choice concerning which treatment is ideal for them.

Choosing the right Plumber

Choose Your Plumber Carefully

The best plumbers around are the ones you can put your faith in – plumbing companies with an excellent track record, with existing satisfied customers. Plumbing Contractors who carry out their work with great passion and dedication and provide high quality work every single time. Never hire a plumber that is not fully licensed and insured to all the local and national industry standards.

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While selecting a plumber,always look for a company that offers customers a wide and varied range of plumbing services. It includes services such as: unclogging drains, repairing hot water tanks, servicing central heating systems and fixing leaky pipes and fixtures. Larger plumbing companies will also be able to handle more specialized maintenance and repairs such as pool heaters, hot tubs, septic sewer systems and central air conditioning systems along with the traditional plumbing services. More often than not the companies that offer more services are more established and more likely to be honest, qualified, quality plumbers. Another factor when selecting a plumber is how many years of experience they have in the area. If a company has been in business for say, 10 years or more it is more likely to be stable and honest.

It is important to look at stability -such as community relation – family business – years in business- when selecting plumbers . So we need to look at not only how long they have been in business but also where have they been located during this time? Have they been in this county or have they bounced around allot? If they have not been stable in location then they may be an unstable company in general and worth avoiding.

Many companies operate on word of mouth. If you hear of a plumber that is loved and respected by the local consumers – write that name down! There is nothing more reliable than the experience of someone you trust and respect when selecting someone to come and work in your home. Companies that are capable of handling both commercial and residential plumbing have knowledge in solving many plumbing problems. If you own a business and a home you will want to ensure that you can have all your plumbing needs met at one place.

Another sign of stability in a company is the presence of a well organized and informative website. Try a Google search for the plumbers. The top three or four hits are usually that most recognized and established – but not always. Be sure to read what is there and look for quality indicators such as fixed prices and quality guarantees.

If family is important to you then look for a family run company. There are many plumbers that are family owned and operated. A family operated plumbing establishment will often have friendlier service and you may feel safer with a family based company. Companies that run a 24 hour emergency service are vital when tragedy strikes. According to Murphy’s Law, a pipe will always burst in the middle of the night on a Friday of a long weekend. A 24 / 7 operating company will be there when you need them. Finally, you can also look for the companies that have been reviewed on well known sites within the state and have been winners of the Super Service Award. Companies that have received these types of consumer driven rewards have worked hard to build a reputation of honesty and integrity and are not likely to risk losing it for a few bucks or some poor quality work.
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