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Dental Emergencies

When the Tooth Hurts, it’s a Dental Emergency

d35c7dfbcd5ad493b4cdb572459550f5There’s no telling when a tooth emergency will strike. Having ouremergency dentist on your side can help fix problems and remedy pain as soon as possible. Most people don’t plan or have an emergency dentist lined up ahead of time. In the event that a problem does happen; the sooner you can be seen, the better. We are a Birmingham, Michigan based emergency dental services company that has been taking care of patient’s toothaches and other dental pains for years. Our goal is to always provide immediate relief to those who are suffering from toothache pain. We understand that being out of your comfort zone, especially with a shrieking pain like a toothache, can be extremely frightening.

Most dental emergencies revolve around instant pain that can come with or without warning. Sometimes patients we encounter may have bit into a hard piece of candy and shattered past dental work, or created new problems. Other times it’s a cavity that has been left unfixed for a prolonged period of time; or even an exposed nerve creating pains shooting through the roof of your mouth and down through your jaw. This is the type of pain that cannot wait, and is at times unbearable. Immediate relief is needed during emergency dentist needs and that’s where our trained staff of dental experts come to the rescue. Don’t suffer another sleepless night or painful thinking that the pain will magically go away on its own.

We saw a need for an emergency dentists because while there are plenty of options for emergency rooms for other injuries and pain, there needed to be more conveniently located emergency dentists in the area to take care of toothaches and other dental complications that can have you in tears. Excruciating pain can be avoided and remedied if you turn to the right team of professionals. We will work with you and ensure that the process of relief carries as little additional pain as possible. Most people, who put off going to the dentist during instances of toothaches and other pain, fear that additional and worse pain will be experienced during the ‘fixing’ process. Prolonging toothaches, cavities, root canals and other procedures will only make matters (and pain) worse. All measures are taken to ensure that our procedures are as pain-less as is possible. Dental Emergency
If you’ve been the victim of a poor dental office in the past, we urge you to give us a call, so we can tell you why we‘re different. We will walk you through all of the steps ahead of time if necessary, in order to eliminate any known surprises. Knowing what to expect is one of the best remedies for curing fear and anxiety associated with dental offices, and can help smooth the process of visiting an emergency dentist. If you are located in the area; we’re eager to hear from you whether you have a dental emergency right this very moment, or are just trying to have one ready in the event of an urgent situation.

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